Tips for Downsizing Your Office Space

Tips for Downsizing Your Office Space

Tips for Downsizing Your Office Space

Old school office spaces with bulky furniture and dark colors are a thing of the past. The office game has changed tremendously with the usage of laptops, online meetings and working outside of the office or working from home. These modern ways of functioning give you the perfect opportunity for some much-needed office cutbacks.

Since commercial properties are expensive and rent amounts are no joke, it might be the perfect time for a smaller one. But, as we all know timing is everything. So, how do you know that it is the right time to start downsizing your office space? And more importantly, how do you go about this endeavor? Well, making this decision is not easy and that is why we are here to help.

How do you know that downsizing your office space is what your business currently needs?

This decision shouldn’t be made lightly, just like any other decision concerning your business and your employees. The last thing you want to do is to relocate your entire Idaho-based business if there are no actual grounds for doing so. Thus, to evaluate your current business and office situation, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you utilize all of your office space? Are there rooms that are sitting empty?
  • Are face to face encounters a must in your business? If they are, how often do you have them, and do you need an actual separate space for them?
  • Is your office overflooded with items that are rarely used? Can they be moved to storage?
  • Can some of your employees do their work remotely?

Assessing your current situation is not easy. Downsizing your office will very likely bring additional work to your plate and some stress as well. However, in the long run, if done correctly, it can be equal to hitting a business jackpot. It is a very simple way to reduce financial stress.

A big conference room with lots of natural light. - Downsizing your office

If you use your conference room once in a blue moon, it is time to get rid of it.

Start downsizing your office space with our tips

Now that you have learned how to evaluate your workspace, it is time to hustle. Of course, every workspace is different. Therefore, you might not be able to apply all of our tips. But, keep in mind that every bit helps.

It is time to kiss your hard copies goodbye

We all must admit that we have more hard copies and paper documents in our workspace than we should. Certainly, we love what technology brings to the table in the workspace, but many businesses have yet to fully use it to their advantage. It is time to take full advantage of the Cloud and other online storage platforms.

This is a simple and effective way to save office space. Therefore, it is also a simple and easy way to save money. There are professionals that you can hire to scan everything for you and shred your old materials. Also, another option would be to invest in a scanner and delegate this task to some of your employees.

Two huge stacks of files and paperwork

If this is how your office looks like, ring the downsizing alarm. It is time for the Cloud.

Rant a storage unit for items that are rarely used

Offices usually have furniture and paperwork that are not needed all the time and are full of filing cabinets. Thus, they can be stored in a separate storage unit, where they can be reached if needed. However, there are businesses that are not based in offices on your work. These types of businesses very often are in need and have materials and very bulky machines that might be taking up their space. Extra storage space may also will be a dream come true for storing such items.

The great news is that you aren’t getting rid of anything and you have these items still at your disposal and you just have even more smaller space. On the other hand, you are cutting down on your commercial property space which is a great reason for a move. This is the ultimate way to save money when moving; since storage space is less expensive than office space, you will have a nice chunk of cash left over every month.

Use neat tricks to make your office look visually larger

In the end, it is not only about the actual space size. The perception and the overall look of your business facilities are very important. There are simple and easy tricks that you can use to make your workspace seem larger than it is. For starters, use very light colors and add some mirrors.

Use the nature for better positive office vibe

Not only will the room seem bigger at work, but it will also give it a more positive vibe. Also, natural light is a great helper when trying to upsize your space without doing the actual upsizing. If you feel like you can’t handle this tip on your own, there are professional decorators that can come to your aid. You may need flowers for beginning.

Can your employees operate remotely?

This tip is very tricky. You should think long and hard before implementing it because it is not a good choice for everybody. Some businesses just don’t have operations that can be done outside of the office, while there are many that do. So, as an employer, should you feel free enough to let your employees work from home or a remote office?

Will it affect your company productivity?

Will this decision affect your productivity? These are the questions that you must ask yourself. Only you can know the answer. This is a great way to downsize your office space, but only if it will not negatively impact your daily business operations. Email is a great way to operate remotely with your employees and keep the communication on a highest level. Consider doing that as a start of remote working and getting a bigger free space in your company’s office. You will learn that small not always means better but it will much cut your costs with remote working and provide even bigger productivity.

A laptop, phone, and mug placed on a nice gray sofa.

Some of your workers might be thrilled if you give them a chance to work from home.

Downsizing your office space can be a great thing for your team

For some reason, downsizing anything is very often connected to some negative connotations. However, it cannot be further from the truth. If new trends allow us to downsize and save valuable resources, why wouldn’t we use that to our advantage? If you occasionally need more space, you can’t always downsize your office but you can always rent a conference room or whatever is needed for a few days of work.

And let’s not forget that workers that you may operate more closely in their workplace tend to be more productive people. So, wait no more and start evaluating. Is downsizing your office space your next business move?

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