How to live Frugally and Be Happy in 2020

How to live Frugally and Be Happy in 2020

How to live frugally and happy? Save money live better. Today I am starting a new category in my blog which I think that you the readers would find it interesting. To live frugal by me it means that you need to make a lot of sacrifices and in the same time “to cheat” the life and manage your finances on the best possible way.

I do believe that learning to live with less and simplify your life DOES improve your overall well-being. I also think that clarifying what is most important to you in life helps you recognize where and how you want to spend your time, energy, and money.

Appreciate what you have

When you live frugally, you come to appreciate what you have. You become thankful for your resources and learn to make the most of them. Rather than envying your neighbor’s shiny new car, you drive your old one for 10 years while you put away money in savings to avoid going in debt when you finally do purchase a new or used car. Instead of throwing out items when you’ve used them up, you find ways to repurpose them. Baby food jars become lovely spice jars. Worn out clothing is cut up and sewn into a quilt. Because you’re grateful for what you have, you let little go to waste.

Simple life

A simple life has a different meaning for every person.

For me, living a simple and happy life involves eliminating the material items that I do not need from my life and only buying items I need. Sometimes money happiness is not the crucial thing for a good living.

While I could go out and enjoy a luxurious life, I prefer living a simple one, because that is what makes me happy. In a simple life, lies a big difference between wants and needs.

Money and relationships

Money differences are frequently one of the greatest causes for arguments and separations. Whether it’s financial instability or disagreements about how it could be best spent, money is at the root of many concerns. What this tells me is that people are matching up with others who have different means and temperaments around money. If a relationship eventually materializes for me, I hope that the values of frugality are shared.

Positive attitude to live frugally

I’m a big proponent of positive thinking. Especially during troubling and financially difficult times, we have to remain positive (realistic, but positive).

Happiness is a state of mind.

Happy people feel empowered, in control of their lives, and have an optimistic outlook on life…regardless of the size of their bank account.


Frugality is enjoying and being thankful for what we already have. When we take time daily to express our gratitude for the people and things in our lives, peace and contentment can be ours.

Gratitude has the power to reduce our desire for more.

After learning the difference between being frugal and being a minimalist, I really think this post is geared toward minimalism. It’s about simplicity and living on less. There’s definitely an overlap here but minimalism certainly plays a part.


Setting goals can help people become more thrifty. You need to advocate drawing up short-, medium-, and long-term goals, whether it’s retiring by 60, paying off your house by 50, or saving money to travel. Having a bigger picture in mind helps people adjust to frugality since they have something to work toward.

That was an exercise that people went through in working with their money coach. Being more aware of their finances and concentrating on needs versus wants has benefited them in ways they never anticipated.

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