Investing in websites for extra income – the complete guide

Investing in websites for extra income – the complete guide

A surprising number of people are unaware that you can make money by investing in websites. Sure, making money online is quite common nowadays. But, there is still an air of unclarity when it comes to website investment.

In this article, we will cover the basics of online real estate and how to tackle investing in websites for extra income.

How do you earn money from websites?

The best way to consider websites is as online real estate. With regular real estate, you can purchase a home, retouch it, and then sell it for profit. If you know what you are doing and have enough experience, you can even make a living from it. Well, a similar principle applies to investing in websites. By purchasing a website, you can develop it, boost its online presence, and then sell it for profit.

A person counting money.
Investing in websites for extra income can be quite lucrative.

The way we value websites is through SEO results. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In a nutshell, it is the determining factor in whether your website will turn up on Google search results.

To get good SEO results, you need to use proper keywords, incorporate decent content, and deal with marketing and backlinks. So it stands to reason that boosting SEO is no easy task. But, when done correctly, it can quickly multiply the value of your website. The actual monetization is either done through your website’s marketing potential (if you are selling it) or through ad revenue (as most websites run ads).

Basics of investing in websites for extra income

The core of getting your money’s worth from investing in websites is understanding what makes a website valuable. Once you know that, you will either find a website with potential and buy them or build websites yourself. The key thing here is research and experience. A good website investor recognizes what is currently trendy and uses that knowledge to make money online. After a while, you may even be able to predict upcoming online trends and yield an even more considerable amount. But, let us not get ahead of ourselves, and let’s first go over the basics.

Doing research

The first thing you ought to do is to pick a niche. Researching websites is similar to researching real estate in that it is surprisingly easy to spread yourself to thin. If you are to make money from this, you need to understand a certain niche and then find lucrative websites within it. As you will do a ton of reading, we suggest that you pick a topic that already interests you. Another option is to find topics connected to buying or selling, like online shops or online services. Such websites tend to be more lucrative, but we still recommend that you stick with what you already like.

After that, you’ll need to identify:

  • Keywords.
  • Current trends.
  • Interesting subjects.
  • Top websites within the niche.
  • Manner speaking withing the niche community.
A person doing research with a laptop and a notebook.
The better you are at research, the more efficient you’ll be at both finding and building valuable websites.

Buying a website

With that figured out, you can start looking for websites to buy. Your goal is to find a website that has potential and sells low. Such websites usually need a bit of improvement, of which the current owner is unaware. A simple tweak is all it takes to bring a website from obscurity. And, with time and experience, you will learn to identify websites with potential, as well as necessary tweaks.

Once you identify a website that seems lucrative, you can approach the owner to purchase it. The usual price is somewhere between 20-35 times monthly income. Therefore, if a website earns $100 per month, you can buy it for $2000 and then sell it for $3500 with nothing else but better bargaining. If you manage to improve the SEO of a website and connect it to better-established websites through backlinks, you can expect a much greater return on your investment.

A good idea is to hire WP Full Care to handle your SEO for you so that you can focus on finding new websites. Keep in mind that writing good content or knowing good content writers will be invaluable as they will be the cornerstone of website development. You should also study online marketing a bit, as it is usually the thing that people fail to tackle properly.

A person working with a professional while investing in websites for extra income.
Don’t shy away from hiring professionals to help you with SEO and web design. You might even learn something from them.

Building a website

Building a website takes a bit more creativity and know-how. True, you don’t need the monetary investment of buying a website. But, the work you will put into building one will easily make up for it. The benefit here is that you have the complete freedom to create the website that you see fit. This is usually done by veterans who can understand their niche and create a new website accordingly. The full design of a website is a complicated subject, which is why we will cover it in a different article.

Final thoughts

After all that we’ve said, you may be wondering whether investing in websites for extra income is worth the effort. After all, there are different ways to make money online. So, what makes website investment worth considering? Well, here are the notable pros and cons to keep in mind.


  • You have full control over your future earnings.
  • Your website can easily get a value boost of 10x if you identify and improve it on time.
  • Passive income is possible through website ads.


  • You need to spend a decent amount of time learning about website design and online trends.
  • Dealing with SEO can be burdensome, even for experienced professionals.
  • If you want to make a decent amount, you can never be 100% passive.

So, while investing in websites is a good idea, don’t expect to tackle it with half a brain. You can earn a decent amount from it, but only if you are ready to learn, create, and improve. If this sounds interesting, we wish you the best of luck with your future investments.

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