How to find affordable yet reliable movers

How to find affordable yet reliable movers

The excitement that comes with changing your office space or living place almost always occurs with a grain of salt. For one, it’s exciting to await what new winds will bear. But on the other, it’s the uncertainty that makes the majority of the people a bit anxious. Whether you’re moving your possessions just down the street or to another state, the amount of effort you know you’ll need to implement is, at least, a troubling thought. And when the entire awareness shifts its focus on all the financial aspects, it will certainly cause you to hit the panic button. The only way to avoid such a burden is to carefully plan every step and try to find affordable yet reliable movers. But, is it possible to find them? Do those unicorns really exist? Yes, they do, and this is how you recognize them.

The way to find affordable yet reliable movers

Many people wish to find affordable yet reliable movers but they don’t know where to start. With all other concerns that are going through your mind, giving your valuable possessions to some strangers brings a few dilemmas to the table. Firstly, you need to be sure the company you hire is a reliable one. Secondly, you don’t want to overpay the moving services. Thirdly, you need your items intact at the new location in a reasonable amount of time.

Depending on the location, you will need to check the companies that serve the designated areas. For example, if you are moving to and out of Canada, you can get in touch with reputable movers (like, for example). Then, you will explore all the additional options on the way. The same goes for other companies. You find, compare, and make a decision according to your needs. Here are a couple of tips to help you find a company that suits your needs.

  • Know where to look
  • Know when and what to look for
  • Prepare what to ask
  • Get estimates
  • Be aware of scams

Where to look?

It’s not hard to find affordable, yet reliable movers if you know where to look. There are many resources, in general, available to wide audiences.

  • Internet portals – you can find plenty of portals and forums on the internet where a lot of useful data about moving companies is shown.
  • Company’s website – Lookup moving companies online because almost every nearly serious moving company has a website where you can acquire useful information.
  • Search engines – some of the most powerful tools for searching for anything, like Google, Duck Duck Go, Bing, Yahoo, and many more.
  • Newspaper – a traditional way to find ads for affordable companies.
  • Social media – many companies are using various social media for advertising. You can definitely find plenty of choices there.
  • Recommendation from people – one of the most reliable methods to find a trustworthy company. Just ask people you know if they can recommend a company based on their own experience.

Each of these choices will give you plenty of options to find trustworthy movers that won’t take you a fortune for their services. However, now that you know where to look, you need to know what to look for if you plan to save money.

Word cloud made of internet terms in connection with social media.
Social media are good resources when searching for a moving company

When and what to look for?

Choose the right time

You should start your search as soon as you can if you plan to find affordable movers. In general, this opens up the option to carefully time your moving day. Avoid doing it in peak season, like in the summer. Most of the people will plan to move at the same time so the movers will be quite busy. And that will also result in higher rates.

A crowd of people on an event in summer.

Avoid summer since it’s the crowd everywhere.

Check the movers’ credentials

Every reliable and legit company needs to have a license issued by the Department of Transportation (DOT number). There is also an FMCSA carrier number you can check. Meanwhile, the existence of a physical address, phone number, and any other data should be available so you can confirm the company is really what it says it is.

Check the reviews

The best way to check someone’s reputation is to see what others have to say about them. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a great starting point to see the rating of the company. But there are other places as well, where you can see if there are any complaints about how they do their job. In fact, you can check online reviews where people directly write about their experiences with the company. DOT’s website is one of them; Google My Business is another, and so on.

Test their customer service

Prepare some questions and call a company one by one. Check if they provide professional and customer-oriented service. Usually, you can discover a lot about the company by talking to their representatives.

Consider young companies as well

There is great competition in the moving market when it comes to services and prices. Obviously, you should take advantage of that to save your money. Don’t eliminate the smaller companies just because they are new in the field. Of course, you need to be careful, but you can find some pretty affordable options there. Also, local companies are a good option you should explore when planning to move.

What to ask?

When calling a moving company, here is a few questions you should ask:

  • Ask about their licenses
  • About their experience
  • The type of moving they are familiar with
  • If they offer additional services like packing or storage
  • Quality packing supplies
  • Ask about any special service you might require
  • Everything about insurance and coverage
  • See if they are flexible with their clients

Finally, don’t forget to ask if they give you a discount. Usually, companies offer various discounts depending on the moving season, or to special groups like elders, disabled, military personnel, etc.

Get estimates

Once you have enough information, opt for in-house estimates. In fact, this type of estimate is the only relevant type if you want to know the exact numbers. Just make sure you get everything in writing before you start the comparison. Needless to say, you should analyze and compare the offers with the utmost care. And don’t place your signature on any incomplete documentation.

A man getting ready to place his signature on a document.

Be careful about where you place your signature.

Avoid scams

Probably, you already have a lot on your mind when it comes to managing your budget. So, you definitely don’t need unnecessary expenses. Unfortunately, moving scams are real, and you should learn to recognize them. In most cases, these several red flags can warn you that something is not right.

Large deposits

Normally, some companies will require a small deposit to ensure and protect themselves. But if the deposit requirements are large, it’s almost always a sign something shady is going on.

Meet them in person

Usually, the best way to get to know the company is to go there and meet them in person. Use this opportunity to check their personnel, equipment, and vehicles. If they are unwilling to let you visit them, skip them and go to the next company. Reputable movers should have nothing to hide.

Don’t allow yourself to hire in the last minute

Not only will you have limited options, but some might even try to take advantage and ask for more money. For an emergency move, add in some extra caution when trying to find affordable yet reliable movers.

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