Reach Your Financial Utopia with Top Investing Tips for 2017

08 Aug

Reach Your Financial Utopia with Top Investing Tips for 2017

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These investment tips could make 2017 your best year ever


So far 2017 has been a great year for investors. The market in general, as represented by share indexes such as the S&P 500, is up strongly already and everything points to this proceeding unabated over the next few months.

Investors are, however, faced with a bewildering choice when choosing which companies to invest their money in. To make things a little easier, here are our top investment tips for 2017.




As far as e-commerce is concerned, few firms command more respect that, Inc. This company began as a humble online bookstore, but now it sells nearly everything.


Amazon generated around 103 billion GBP in revenue in 2016, 70% of which was generated by e-commerce sales. In the United States e-commerce sales reached around 296 billion GBP last year, and according to Statista this is expected to increase to nearly 368 billion GBP by 2021.

Earlier this month Amazon bought Whole Foods Market for 10.41 billion GBP. This will undoubtedly boost the firm’s performance in the grocery market. Amazon has also made bold moves in clothing with Prime Wardrobe, which offers shoppers seven days to try on apparel and offers a return shipping label for items buyers don’t want.


Amazon’s also has a highly competitive advantage with Prime, which comes with a flat yearly fee and offers free 2-day shipping and access to a variety of other services such as Prime Video streaming.


Purchasing Amazon shares gives your investment portfolio exposure not only to e-commerce, but also to artificial intelligence and cloud computing.


Facebook, Inc.


Facebook, Inc. is the unrivaled king of social networks because it owns the three most popular social media platforms on earth. As of March this year the company had no less than 1.9 billion active users, while Messenger and WhatsApp claimed nearly 1.2 billion users each.


With that kind of reach it will be hard for any competitors to get a foothold in this market because of the robust network effect. Facebook has recently also added additional features such as video to make sure members don’t get bored.

The firm generated an astonishing $8 billion in total revenue. During its most recent three-month period, representing a growth rate of 51% year-on-year. With the growing prominence of Messenger and WhatsApp, Facebook will probably be able to continue its strong growth in advertising income – at least for the next couple of years.


Facebook is another company that involves in fairly extensive research into the field of AI or artificial intelligence. This can, for example, help recognize your friends in pictures and suggest other members you might know. Lately the firm has also been using artificial intelligence in the field of cyber security.


Alphabet, Inc.


Alphabet Inc. is probably famous among the general public for something which has become a household name across the world: the Google search engine. That alone should be sufficient to attract any investor’s attention.


The firm generated more than $24 billion during its recent three-month trading period. This represented an annual increase of 22%. Net income surged by 29% to $5.4 billion or around 4.10 billion GBP.

The most fascinating thing about the company is, however, not what it has achieved in the past, but what it will most likely achieve in future. Google was one of the earliest companies to explore artificial intelligence. And it has used the knowledge gained from that research in a number of high-tech projects.

An example is its recent spin-off into self-driving car development as part of a division known as Waymo. With the world’s most technologically advanced driving program, Google could become the first company in history to reap financial rewards in an area that might well forever change the way in which we travel.


Google has also created a system that was able to beat the world’s top players. At the age-old and very complicated game known as Go. It also developed a revolutionary chip for training artificial intelligence systems. And created a system that can beat human pathologists at detecting early cancer by studying medical images.


Online trading


If long-term investing doesn’t excite you, the world of online trading could be just what you are looking for. Instead of investing money in any of the above companies and then wait for a few years to see growth, you could profit from short-term fluctuations in their share prices.

The benefits of using a reputable company such as CMC Markets for your online trading activities are manifold. You will get a wide variety of international shares to trade on. As well as Forex, Indices, Treasuries (bonds, guilds and Treasury Notes) and Commodities such as oil, gold and silver.

Apart from that you will also have access to various deposit options. Easy withdrawal of your funds if you want to get out and a state-of-the-art trading system.