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04 Sep

Best Ways To Withdraw Retirement Funds

Getting to the years of retirement is somehow today not so easy. First you got to get through “all” of life’s challenges and then you got to think about your retirement. You would think that after decades of saving money for retirement, the hard part of investing would be over. Think again. Devising a plan […]

23 Aug

Now Is The Right Time To Invest In Cryptocurrency

Today we are witnessing an era of rising currencies that can’t be “touched” physically. It messes with our minds how people make money of cryptocurrency. But, more or less we are all skeptical about those things. And in reality we don’t know them well, or we have not read anything about it. People tend to […]

31 Jul

Guest Post: How Living Longer Should Change the Way We Plan Our Retirement

More people are living longer – according to a fact sheet compiled by the Population Reference Bureau, the average life expectancy of boomers increased from 68 years to 79 years. This proves that mortality rates have decreased during the golden years. Additionally, the gender gap in life expectancy has narrowed. The number of years between […]

16 Jul

The Power of Budgeting and How To Master It

A budget can help you work out what you’re spending money on and when… yes it is the anxious ‘B’ phrase, but it’s the starting point for creating your very own wealth plan. How can you get somewhere if you don’t know where you are starting from? Bottom line: every money-smart person I ever met […]

08 Jul

Protect Your Money While Living Frugal

There are thousand ways to protect your money. This Is the Best Way to Protect Your Retirement Savings and live frugally. When investors feel particularly worried, they could be tempted to transfer all their riches into money, gold, bonds, or any other “conservative” investment. However, over the long term, the very best approach to protect […]

04 Jul

Characteristics of Debt Free People

Today is not easy to be and stay debt free. We always strive to find best ways to get out of it. Having different characteristics makes different debt-free people. Family manages to pay $ 40,000 in debt within a couple of years to get a annual revenue that is $ 35,000. Family makes $100,000 annually […]

26 Jun

TIPS: How to Make Money Online

TIPS: How to Make Money Online These days everyone is trying to make money online. For some of us is hard for some is easy. I think that if you try hard to look online you can make money fast. So, that’s why today i was inspired to share with you my thoughts and some […]

24 Jun

How to live Frugally and Be Happy

How to live Frugally and be Happy? How to life frugally and happy? Today I am starting a new category in my blog which i think that you the readers would find it interesting. To live frugal by me means that you need to make a lot of sacrifices and in the same time “to […]

21 Jun

Guest Post: 5 Apps That Will Help You Control Your Money

Control money. We always strive to do that. Our life is almost completely automatized: the first thing that everybody is doing in the morning is checking their Facebook or Instagram. People of the 21st century have been chained with the technologies: we are feeling uncomfortable if we haven’t taken our phone with us or haven’t […]

18 Jun

5 Money Saving Mistakes People Make

Saving money isn’t difficult but it’s possible to make some big mistakes along the way if you aren’t careful. The rise in both gas and food prices has been taking a toll on people’s budgets, but it appears that things will get worse before they get better. Higher prices all around have many people looking […]

14 Jun

How to make money online? 6 ways to try it!

Make money online. How? We always ask ourselves how to make money online? There are little million things to do online to make money and maybe even become financially independent just from online working. Today i am going to go through some thoughts and tips for making money online. Owning a website Users who are […]

13 Jun

The Bitcoin Hype, is it really worth?

The Bitcoin hype, is it really worth? These days we are witnessing a phenomenon who some of you know and some of you are learning – bitcoin. Starting from 2010 nobody would though that today in mid 2017 the worth of one bitcoin is going to be so astronomically big. It surpassed the worth of […]

05 Jun

Best Money Advices from Warren Buffett

Would you like to get best money advice and be better at building riches one year from now?  There’s nobody better to swing advice than Warren Buffett. The Oracle of Omaha has constructed his very own fortune to more than $72 billion, making him the third wealthiest individual on the planet. He has offered a lot […]

02 Jun

Better Retirement Plan: 401(k) vs Roth IRA

We often hear about choosing the better retirement plan – 401(k) or Roth IRA. In my case those things were like explaining earth life to an alien. Mission impossible. After some time i have read more about that and started to figuring out which plan is better for me. I am not a financial expert, […]

28 May

Investing in your 20’s. Is it the right time?

You are in your 20’s. You think you are very young to enter the investing page in your life. Is it like that? Today I am going to write about investing in your 20’s and beginner investing tips. You’re never too young to invest. Yes, investing can appear to be scary, and yes, there are specialists out […]

26 May

Simple Ways to Save Money

Simple Ways to Save Money Here and there it’s difficult to simply save cash month to month and the hardest thing might be the beginning. It can be hard to make sense of approaches to spare cash and how to utilize your investment funds to seek after your money related objectives. These seven cash sparing advises can help you […]

24 May

You have money. Are you happy?

I believe that money can’t buy you happiness. Sure, having a lot of money is a great thing and gets rid of the stress of financial insecurity. But real happiness can’t be bought by money. Thinking about life has led me to think about this popular belief and realize it’s completely true. Although being financially […]

22 May

Money objectives for 2017

Have you made your money objectives for 2017? It’s not very late. Time to set some individual back money objectives and kick this year into high rigging. Since expectations aren’t enough here is an arrangement to build up a superior, quicker, solid money related you! 5 Financial Goals You Need to Make This Year Here […]

19 May

How to Get out of Debt fast

One of the most questioned questions today in finance world is how to get out of the debt? Well, the answer is not so short and easy but we could start with something. I will show you my opinions on how to get out of debt which i got from in life experience. To eliminate […]

18 May

Newbie Investor? Here are some advices

Are you a newbie investor? Now and then the hardest part about contributing is simply beginning. If you haven’t opened up a retirement account or an investment fund yet, this is what to do: 1. Choose what you’re contributing for. When you have a money related objective, it’s anything but difficult to pick the correct […]

16 May

How to invest in Stocks in 2017

How to invest in Stocks in 2017 Stocks are piece of investment that represents part ownership in a corporation and entitles you to part of that corporation’s earnings and assets. Common stock gives shareholders voting rights but no guarantee of dividend payments. Preferred stocks provides no voting rights but usually guarantees a dividend payment. In […]

16 May

Reasons WHY you are not successful

“Work hard and you’ll become successful.” How many of us have heard that guidance and tried it trusting that it’d work? You work additional time and you put in plus hours to get some more money. You’re tired and worried from buckling down for quite a while, and nothing is changing. “Why am I not successful” you ask? While hard […]

15 May

Four steps to become wealthy

President-elect Donald Trump was naturally introduced to riches. His first employment was given to him as a reward and advance from his land mogul father. The greater part of us aren’t that lucky. Actually, it’s unimaginably a long way from the standard to put in the very first moment of your life rich. Here are my fours steps […]

14 May
Tax form

How to properly survive the Tax season

Tax season: those two words have the power to make pure anxiety or hopefulness depending on who you ask. The tax code is such a mystic document and we tell that the IRS – the boogey man of modern day – is waiting to get us, if we make a single mistake. Lucky for us, the process of managing […]

14 May
Family photo

Friends and family through financial crisis

Everyone has that one friend or family member who is not good with money. They spend too much on unnecessary items or aren’t able to go out at the end of the month until payday arrives. However, sometimes financial problems can become serious. There are many reasons people end up with mounting debt or excessive repayments […]

14 May

DIY to save your money

Most families have to live on a tight budget. If you are the head of household, you are probably trying to find different ways to save money. Repairing your appliances on your own is one way to do that. While some people don’t think they are technically competent enough to do so, it may not […]

14 May

Personal finance: Ready for Retirement

We invest decades for the day when life won’t be directed by wake up timers, drive times, meeting calendars and office issues. At that point reality sets in: Retirement can be somewhat of a drag. Also, there might be 20 or more years of it in front of you. While conventional retirement arranging covers money […]

14 May

Top Articles to Read in your free time

Top Articles To Read Coming from somebody who thought a 401K was a long race, it’s obviously I was fresh out of the plastic new to contributing. When I was enlisted for my first all day work, I was barraged with will on sparing cash here, putting paychecks there. So I did what each free young does once […]

14 May

Staying financially secure even when you’re on College

Are you financially secured? Do you ever feel like you are not going to manage the whole month and you will need to eat just bread and stay at home? Do you ever feel like debt and homelessness are going to overwhelm you? From the college days I’d been struggling to utilize my government support […]

14 May

Are you on an early retirement mission?

Early retirement mission In this period i had really tried to find more articles and views about early retirement and with that to share my point of view about it. This is something around it. A lot of questions came to my mind. Am I ready for this early retirement mission? Forbes had an interesting […]

13 May

Practical Debt Skills

Remember, when you’re in debt, you’re not alone. Here are some debt skills. At times it’s difficult to concede that you have an issue with debt. It can overpower to acknowledge you’re in a tight spot, and to stress you won’t have the capacity to pay back what you owe. The way to escaping your […]

13 May

Preventing Debt

Yesterday I’ve read interesting blog post from and it inspired me to talk about this today on my post. It is very important to make plans for your budget and in that way to stay out of debt. Everybody needs to build up individual budgetary spending plans to sharply oversee cash and keep away from […]

12 May

Manage Your Finances (HOW TO)

Manage Your Finances – (HOW TO) This is my first post so please bear with me. 🙂 I will give my best to share my opinions in personal finance, managing my funds, getting out of debt etc etc. Those are my opinions, doesn’t need to be taken personally and I hope that you will gain […]